Sen-Shin-Kai is a traditional Shotokan Karate club located in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

The club was named by Murakami Sensei from the SKIF honbu(headquarters) dojo in Tokyo Japan in 2009. Sen(洗) means purify, cleanse, scour, wash etc. Shin(心) means heart, mind, spirit, will etc. Kai(会) means group, club, society etc. When taken together the meaning conveyed is more than just the literal translation. “Sen-Shin” taken together equates to “Zen”.

I would like the members of this club to purify their hearts through the hard training and philosophy of Karate-do.

Manabu Murakami Sensei, SKIF Tokyo

It was a great privilege for the club to be named by Murakami Sensei and we thank him  sincerely for all his help.